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Best Funny Fitness Quotes – Fitness Motivation Quotes: Fitness Status

Funny Fitness Quotes

We have always read that “Health is our property.” But in today’s run-of-the-mill life, we keep forgetting these things. We are only losing our real property by running behind the property. So today we have brought some fitness quotes or Fitness Quotes Funny and Fitness Quotes For MotivationFitness Quotes which you will think about by reading your health and start keeping your body fit from today –

By the way, we all should remain fit, go to the gym or not because it also reduces the risk of diseases and others also impress us. Today’s status is for our gym-going friends and Body_Builders who want to enter Gym status for WhatsApp, facebook and workout status. There is a lot of fitness quotes or gym and workout status for you here.

Fitness Quotes

Muscles are stretched in the gym, fed in the kitchen and made in bed.
Do not pretend to burn calories.

Fitness Quotes

Hard work beats skill. When talent does not work hard.
Be proud but not satisfied…
You don’t demand respect, you earn it…
no pain no gain…
eat big lift big get big!

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Fitness Quotes

Your entire workout is the beginning of your exercise.
Sweat in the gym
Do not argue. Lift weights.
Work hard to make the body strong…

Fitness Quotes

Build your body, build your personality…
Six-pack coming soon…
Failure is only temporary, success is permanent…
Stop saying tomorrow, tomorrow will never come…
Eat, sleep, workout, repeat…

Fitness Quotes

The diet of this month is the body of the next month.
Today’s pain is tomorrow’s victory… 

Quotes For Motivation

Hard work produces good results in the end.

Quotes For Motivation

I have got 100 problems but I have never taken gym leave.

Strength is not produced by physical ability. These arise from a worthy desire.

“It’s not about time; It’s about making time “

“Eat clean .. drink water .. be active .. be healthy”

“Your body is a reflection of your life” 

Respect your body. This is the only one you get “

“Either you drive the day, or the day drives you”

“The body receives what the mind believes”

Fitness Quotes Funny

The floor does not meet with just thinking.
For that, work has to be done 

Winners don’t make excuses and you ???
The body can achieve the same……
One who believes in himself ”… !!

Quotes For Motivation

Do not make excuses, burn Calories…. !!

Change your mind,
And these thoughts will change your world. “…

 If you continue to Excercise…
So you too can improve your fitness…!!

 Physical fitness is not only healthy….
The most important key for the body is
This is the basis of all processes of #MInd….. “

Funny quote

To take enjoy of Body’s glow,,,,,
You have to exercise… .. !!

 Gym = eat more,
Pick more
Get more body….!

Stop making excuse for tomorrow,,,,,
Tomorrow is not going to come
So start today… .. !! 

“The person who enjoys good health is the greatest rich, even if he is not known that.”

Fitness Quotes For Motivation

 “Health is hard work and there is no other way to reach it except through hard work.

“If you want to live, you have to take care of your body.” 

“If a person who does not have health, understand that he has nothing even if he has everything.

“A very busy man who doesn’t have time to take care of his health is like a mechanic who doesn’t have time to take care of his equipment.”

workout quote

“Happiness is the health of the soul and worry is its poison.

“Good health – to get back, you will spend all your money, yet you will not be able to buy good health.

“Sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning – makes a man healthy, prosperous and intelligent.

gym quote

“To enjoy good health, you should exercise every day. 

“Good understanding and good health are both life’s greatest blessings.” 

“It is a duty to keep our body healthy, otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind clean and strong.”

I hope you like these fitness quotes, then do share it with your friends on WhatsApp and I will add more status in it.

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