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Monday Quotes – Monday Motivation Quotes That Will Inspire You

Monday Quotes

Hello, today I am going to share some Monday Quotes and Monday Motivational quotes and stories with you, after reading it, your broken courage can be connected again. So let’s start reading. Today everyone curses their fate and circumstances, Now just think, if Edison had stopped trying to think himself unlucky, then the world would have been deprived of a very big invention.

Even if you have failed in some work, what happened is not the end, try again, because those who try never lose.

Friends, failure is the beginning of success, it should not be nervous, but should try again with full enthusiasm.  Let’s read a motivational story. And you should share with me the medium of the comment that you will get from that learn.

Monday Motivational Story

Once was a teacher his name was John. Once he was teaching in a teacher class. To teach the children something new, John took out a note of 100$ from his pocket. Now showing that note towards the children and said ⇒ Can you tell me how many dollars notes it is?

All the children said ⇒ “100 dollars”

John ⇒ Who would like to take this note? All the children raised their hands.

Now that John closed that note in a fist and caused it to become badly crushed. Now John again showed the note to the children. And said that now this note has been crushed, Now who would want to take it?

All the children raised their hands again.

Now that John threw that note on the ground and crushed it badly with his shoes. Then John picked up the note and showed it again to the children and asked who would want to take it now?

All the children raised their hands again.

Now John said, children, today I have taught you a very big lesson.

It was a 100 dollars note when I crushed it by hand, but its price was still 100 dollars, after that when I rubbed it with shoes, this note became dirty but still, it cost 100 dollars.

In the same way, the value of human beings and the ability of human beings is always the same. No matter how many difficulties may befall you, the dust of troubles may fall on you, but you do not lose your value. You were better yesterday and still better today.

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Monday Quotes

If you want to succeed, friend,
So never cry on time and circumstances,
The floor is far away, but don’t panic,
Because the river never asks how far is the sea…

Monday Quotes

It is Monday today; Mice have a fever; The rat went to the doctor; The doctor put the needle; Rat said UEEEEEEEE.

Monday Quotes

If a step is taken with enthusiasm, a brilliant new start occurs on its own. This beginning fills a new zeal and inspiration in us and the Monday inspirational quotes available here will also give an inspirational start.

Monday Quotes

When the Freshly break, just remember this,
Plates achieved without hard work are not crowns,
To find my own destination in the dark,
Firefly is never a lover of light.

Monday Quotes

As a fragrance, they blow through flowers,
As smoke, blows from the mountains,
These scissors, where will stop us from flying,
We do not fly with wings we fly with morale.

Monday Quotes

“There are many difficulties in life,
And humans are afraid to live,
Don’t know how between thousands of thorns’
A flower smiles while staying. “

Monday Quotes

 Do not be sad, life is too big,
The wish of love is adorned for you,
Just smile once and see,
Luck himself is standing outside to meet you….

Monday Quotes

Happy Monday Quotes

“Smiling as a flower is life,
Smiling, forgetting sorrow is life,
What happens, if someone is happy after winning
after losing, celebrating happiness is life. “


Trust in every relationship,
Let the tongue be sweet all the time,
This is the way to live life,
Never yourself stay sad, nor let others stay….

Monday Quotes

“How many people have to change fortune, you
How many you have to bring in the way, you
Don’t look at your hand
You have to go beyond these lines, “

Monday Quotes

“The floor is in front of you, don’t turn the path,
Whatever is in your mind, don’t break that dream,
you will be facing difficulties, step by step,
Never leave the ground to pick stars. “


“Extinguished fire can also burn,
A kayak can also come out of a storm.
when You feel Desperate, never change your mind,
Your luck can change anytime. “

inspirational poem

Do not waste heart in the darkness of sorrow,
The morning will definitely be there, waiting for the morning.

inspirational poem

“How easy it was, Life your way,
Difficulties we buy ourselves,
It would have been better if we had got something else
They thought the same after getting a lot. ” 

Monday inspirational quotes

“Come on and salute them,
Whose life has come in this stage
How lucky are those people,
Whose blood is used for the country. “

Monday inspirational quotes

Monday inspirational quotes

“If you bow your head, the stone will also become a god,
Don’t want him so much, he will be unfaithful.
we are also a river, we know our skills,
The way we walk, that converts into the way. “

Monday inspirational quotes

“He gets the floor only,
Whose dreams are life
Nothing happens with feathers,
they fly from morale. “

inspirational image

Change thinking, stars will change
Change eyes, Views will change,
No need to change kayaks,
Change directions, the edges will change. “

inspirational image

“Do not explain by watching the waves of waves,
That there is no water in the sea,
Whenever we rise, we will rise as storms
We do not determined to get up now. “

inspirational image

If you want to reach the floor, do not ever panic with the thorns of the road,
Because thorns only increase the speed of our steps!

inspirational poem

There is no support in life again and again,
Again and again, no one meets love.
Take care of what you have,
He never gets back again after getting lost. 

If you want to learn from the lamp, do not learn burn learn to smile,
@If you want to learn from the sun, don’t learn drowned, learn to get up,
If you want to reach the peak then do not follow the path, learn to build the path…

Live in the present
Do not cry for the past,
He’s gone,
And stop worrying about the future because it hasn’t come yet,
Live in the present, make it beautiful…

Monday Quotes Positive

Dreams will come true
But for this you have to dream first. 

By fighting against the times, which changes the destiny,
Man is the one who changes his destiny
Never think what will happen tomorrow
who knows time can change his face tomorrow!

Touch the sky, do not seek the land,
live life, do not seek happiness
Fortune will change itself, my friend,
Learn to smile, do not find the reason.

“Those who have to go to the floor,
Do not be afraid of storms.
Those scared by storms,
Never found the floor. “

“Darkness is very much in the way of life,
Do not ever say this.
If the paths have to be illuminated,
So always keep the flame of hope in your heart. “

 I listen and forget, I look and remember, I do and I understand.

Whatever is in this world,
Everything is his own
Our life does not end there,
Because we have to touch the sky. “
Light the spirits and walk on the path.
You will get your path, lonely
If you take the initiative, then the convoy will become yourself.
don’t give up your expectations when you have Despairingly,
Otherwise, God will also be angry,
do not afraid You from stumbles, at every stop
You will find yourself more stronger.
Do not panic due to the haze of failure
The sun of your success will brighten your fortune.

Monday Motivation

Saw a glimpse of life yesterday,
She was lukewarm on the road,
when we find him, here and there,
She was smiling with eyes,
I came to an agreement after a long time,
She was stroking me for sleep…
Why are we angry with each other,
I was explaining to her and she was explaining me,
I asked – why did you hurt me so much
She laughed and said – I am life…
and I was teaching you to live…

 If you do work, you get fruit,
See you today if not today.
The deeper the well, the sweeter the water gets.
Every difficult question of life is solved by life itself.

The Man asked from time,
Why do I lose?
Time said…
be It sunny or Shade,
Be it black night or rainy
I walk all the time,
So I win
You too walk like me
you will never lose…

For them, there is no morning
Those who have given up hope of getting anything in life…
Light is theirs,
Those who hope to get something after losing again…
He who has patience, he can get whatever he wants.

When you start work, do not be afraid of failure and do not leave that work.
Those who work sincerely are most happy. 

Choose the work that you like, then you will not work the whole life even one day.

Think big, think fast, think ahead. Nobody has a monopoly on ideas. 

First, they will not pay attention to you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and then you will win.

If you want something to be good, do it yourself.

Happy Monday

The difference has between the rich and the poor,
The difference has between luck and line.
If you want something else and you do not get it, then understand that something else is written good, in your fate…

Life is not easy to live,
No one is great without struggle,
Until the hammer strikes
The stone wouldn’t also be God… 

Every difficulty written in luck is Gets away,
If you are strong morale, then the floor is found
If you lift your head and look at the sky again and again
so You can also Get away inspiration to touch the sky.

Do not think why your dream is not fulfilled.
The intention of those who dare is never incomplete.
The person whose actions are good.
There is never darkness in his life… 

The courage will not be reduced, in front of your storms.
Turning hard work into worship and see.
Life will solve itself difficulties of life
Just turn the silence into questions and see…

It is easy to run away from problems,
There is a test in every difficult life,
The loser gets nothing in life,
And in the footsteps of the one who struggles with difficulties, the world occurs…

The person who never made a mistake…
He never tried anything new… 

Real flight in life, still left.
Our intentions are tested
Still, we measured only now a handful of land,
Right now, all the sky is left…

If you forget your sorrow and see
Without any topic, smile and see
The roads will become easy on their own,
Look at the light you give by your expectations…

Don’t get the floor, it’s a matter of luck,
We should not even try, these are wrong things…

Motivational Monday Quotes: Monday Quotes

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